Strategic Partnering

Selling Your ASC or Group Practice

For physician-owners who are selling an interest in their surgical business or group practice and aligning themselves with a strategic partner, this is likely the only time that they will go through the complex sales process. This puts owners at a significant disadvantage when dealing with buyers who have significant experience in managing these intricate and time consuming transactions. The best way to realistically expect that as an owner you will end up with an exceptional outcome from a financial and non-financial perspective is to engage the professionals at ASCs Inc.


Real estate sales & Leasebacks

Selling Your Real Estate

Physicians who own their ASC/MOB real estate can realize a substantial increase in property value and free up cash by selling and leasing back their ASC/MOB. Our real estate division has the unique ability to maximize the value of your real estate by advising sellers on lease terms and designing an effective marketing package and targeting a network of pre-qualified national buyers who are focused on acquiring ASC/MOB real estate. Most ASC properties that we market receive cash offers from qualified buyers within 30 days. The value we bring to this process is unique and of significant value to our clients.


Strategic Advisory

Positioning for Future Sale

Many physicians who own their ASC or practice simply want to understand how they can best realize maximum value for their assets. Our team advises physician-owners on their options in an honest and transparent manner, often at no fee. Whether you need to grow your business, are considering a transaction with a prospective buyer, are evaluating options relating to your ASC, your ancillary businesses or your real estate, ASCs Inc.’s experts will be pleased to advise you on your options.