Nationwide Experience

For over 20 years, ASCs Inc. has facilitated more than 300 successful transactions nationally for physician-owners of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC), Physician Group Practice, Surgical Hospitals, Endoscopy Centers, Eye Centers, Specialty Centers, and their Ancillary Services all across the United States, including upwards of $3B in real estate sales.


“I want to thank ASCs Inc. for your tireless support during the very time lengthy and complex transaction process. The courtesy which you consistently showed to the Buyers very definitely had a calming effect, and your professionalism led them to make several important concessions and us to ultimately realize an exceptional result.”

Dr. Gregory Tesluk

“It is with great pleasure and personal satisfaction I write a recommendation for the outstanding work ASCs Inc. did in the sale of our ASC. Three years ago our profitable surgical center began declining in revenue significantly. Due to multiple reasons including decreased facility fees by insurance providers as well as state PIP fee schedule reductions.

After a trial of several different cost reductions and income enhancers we had collectively agreed that it was time to sell half of our ASC. One of the founding partners hired a local company to find us an appropriate suitor. After tremendous financial expense, 6 months of unfruitful meetings with various companies (that were not truly interested in purchasing us) I was fortunate enough to be introduced to ASCs Inc., who was the exact opposite of the previous group we were working with.

After speaking with ASCs Inc. even for a short period of time, it was quite evident that their experience and track records were greatly needed. My partners were on board and in less than 6 weeks we had several seriously interested companies contacting us. After selecting one of these companies, ASCs Inc. literally walked us through the process insured us that we got the best price and we were bought at a better than market value rate in less than 8 months.

I cannot thank ASCs Inc. enough for literally saving us from a disastrous situation to one that was extremely profitable as well as relatively stress free. As I told them, ‘It was the best money I ever spent.'”

Steven M. Stoller, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

“As a way of introduction, the gastroenterologists at the Hackensack Endoscopy Center[HEC], @15 physicians, and those at the Endoscopy Center of Bergen County[ECBC], @25 physicians[both centers in Northern NJ] had been working with ASCs Inc. for @ 4 yrs to find the the best corporate, and /or hospital partner who would help grow and further develop our centers.

Mr. Vick worked tirelessly on our behalf over a prolonged period to allow us to achieve our goals and undoubtedly the successful partnership that we achieved would not have been possible without his counsel and expertise. He located partnership opportunities for us that would not have been available without his extensive knowledge of the ASC/endo center environment and took us through the many steps required from valuation, through initial introductions to company representatives, and ultimately arranging critical meetings with corporate and hospital executives which allowed us to finalize our transaction. Throughout the process, his strategic advice, knowledge, patience, and wise counsel was critical to us completing our objectives and reaching a financial goal that could not have been achieved without him.

Jon was available anytime when needed – including nights and weekends – and his solid, calm demeanor and professionalism was critical in pulling together all the parties needed, physician partners, hospital and corporate executives, so our deal could be finalized. Without Jon’s persistence and steady hand, there is no doubt that we could not have finalized this transaction. He and ASC’s Inc exceeded our expectations in every way. Jon’s special skills as a communicator and consultant in this field, added to his extensive knowledge of the ASC/endocenter landscape, was critical to our success. It is clear to me and our physician partners that without ASCs Inc., we could not have reached our objective. Although it took a while to ultimately find the “perfect” partnership for our centers, it was well worth the time and effort required.

I would highly recommend ASCs Inc. to any physicians who have an interest in an ASC or endocenter and are looking for corporate partners and require strategic advice about pursuing a future partnership.”

Rich Golding, MD

“Navigating a healthcare landscape that has never changed more rapidly than today is daunting and can feel overwhelming. So much is riding on doing so correctly for your practice and your business. When we wished to move forward with assessing strategic partnership opportunities in the partial sale of our ASC, we felt that we needed a knowledgeable partner, someone who knew this market and could advise us. Someone who’s only bias was to help us complete a transaction with our practice’s best outcome in mind. ASCs Inc. was the resource we relied upon to impartially, dispassionately educate and advise us regarding our options for a strategic partnership. ASCs Inc. had the experience and up to the moment market assessment that we as practicing physicians could not have learned on our own.

ASCs Inc. guided us through partnership options (hospital, corporate, other) and offered a realistic and understandable valuation methodology specifically for our center. They put together a representation of our ASC business and communicated that to potential “suitors”. We were also advised on pros and cons of minority vs majority interest sales. Essentially, we were educated on the market before we went into the market. Throughout this process, ASCs Inc. was exceedingly responsive to our questions and communication with them was thorough and prompt. Questions were answered and advice was offered all along the way during a months-long process.

Our new partnership with a corporate partner has now been initiated. We feel certain that this partner was the best for our situation and that maximum value was achieved in our transaction. To have attempted to accomplish all this on our own would have been, frankly, bewildering. We would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend ASCs Inc. to practices that wish to explore their own strategic partnership options in today’s marketplace, and to do so fully educated and prepared for the process. We could not be more pleased with our results and have much thanks for the expertise we have received through the work of ASCs.”

Steve Seagren, MD

“About a year ago our ambulatory surgery center engaged ASCs Inc. to assist us in finding a potential corporate partner with the goal of purchasing 51% of our center. They were able to utilize their expertise and experience in lining up potential suitors and arranged for the interested ones to visit us. Most importantly, right from the start he pointed us to the company they felt would ultimately be our best fit and provide us with the best purchase offer. As events developed, they proved quite accurate in projecting the optimal situation for us and succeeded in obtaining for us an extremely attractive multiple and sale price, as well as the best corporate fit for us. They also helped steer us to an excellent attorney, and they were quite helpful in the final negotiations. We have been very pleased with their work on our behalf and indebted to ASCs Inc. for helping us realize our goals regarding this sale.”

Norman Cohen, MD

“I have had the chance to work with ASCs Inc. over the past couple of years on two different projects concerning our surgery center,  finding a corporate partner and selling our real estate interest in the property.  I can say unequivocally they did an outstanding job and their abilities are unmatched.

I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of people in many different business situations.  I’ve learned much and can say ASCs Inc. is one in a million.   You’ll be fortunate to have them representing you.  But don’t get spoiled, like I said they are one in a million you might be let down if you expect the rest to operate with their integrity.”

Vrej Manoogian, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Have you ever wondered how to sell your surgery center or group practice? Or how to value your business? ASCs Inc is a specialist in the sale of surgery centers and group practices. We have special expertise in physician-owned surgery centers, the valuation of them, and can bring you potential buyers. We differ from realtors or other brokers of surgery centers and MOBs in that we have the most experience nationally in this physician-owned surgery center niche, and understanding the unique needs of physicians, their liquidity and cash flow. We have potential buyers who want to invest in those surgery centers and practice that we work with. So if you’ve ever considered how to sell your surgery center real estate, this is the best time of all to do so. Contact us and we can explain how the sale and leaseback of your surgery center or MOB real estate can maximize the value of your surgery center real estate in 2020.