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ASCs Inc. helps physician-owners of Ambulatory Surgery Centers sell their facility at a premium value, or involve synergistic partners that improve their strategic positioning under healthcare reform. Click here to learn more.


What's new in ASC partnerships & real estate?

In an interview with Becker's ASC Review, Jon Vick answers some of the most pressing questions for ASC owners, including:

  1. What is new in selling an interest in an ASC to a strategic partner?
  2. What are the best potential strategic partners for an ASC seeking to sell interest?
  3. How have an ASC's options for a partner changed over the past few years?
  4. Is it a buyers or sellers market for ASCs today?
  5. What is new in selling ASC real estate?
  6. How has the sale of ASC real estate changed over the past decade?
  7. What buyers are interested in ASC real estate acquisition today?
  8. Are there any potential pitfalls to avoid in today's ASC real estate market?

To read Jon Vick's answers to these important questions, view the full article here.

Sell your surgery center to a corporate partner or a hospital?

sell surgery center to corporate partner, selling surgery center to hospital, asc sale to hospital, is now a good time to sell a business, should i sell now If you are considering selling a portion of your surgery center, this is a very advantageous time to do so; purchase prices are attractive and there are over 30 well-qualified and interested corporate buyers, plus hospitals. Most centers receive multiple offers from well-capitalized buyers and prices can be leveraged higher for the sale of either minority or majority interests. It is impossible to tell how long this "seller's market" will persist. "Out-of-network" reimbursements are being phased out and there is continued downward pressure on facility fees by Medicare and other payers. From time to time physician-ownership of ASCs has been questioned as a potential conflict of interest. Hospitals have been buying ASCs and converting them to HOPDs which then charge twice as much as ASCs do.

Top quality centers being offered

More centers that are doing very well, with high revenues, profits and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) margins are being offered for sale. It is not unusual now to see physician-managed centers that have EBITDA margins of 25% to 40%, or more. Many centers have added ancillary services to improve their financial performance. However, many surgery center owners have seen their profit growth slowing and would like to take some money off the table. Thus selling a minority or majority interest to a professional management company that will help the center continue to improve its profitability and increase the distributions to the physicians is attractive.

Diversification opportunity

The nation's recent economic difficulties and the impact this had on investment assets such as stocks and real estate have increased an awareness of the importance of asset allocation. Many surgeons are overweight in the investments they have in their ASC business and ASC real estate and realize that selling a portion of these will help them diversify their assets. This becomes accentuated for senior physicians who are planning their retirement and want to make sure their nest egg is adequately diversified. Timing is important: it is far better to sell an interest in an ASC well before retiring to avoid significant discounting of a retiring partner's value to the center.

Increased deal flow

puchase majority interests in asc, increase value of asc, increase value of surgery center, get more for my sugery centerWith many successful centers available and over 30 companies competing to acquire ASC interests, many centers are being presented with opportunities to sell a minority or majority share to a corporate partner. There are several excellent companies interested in buying minority interests and this makes a sale more attractive to many physicians as it allows them to retain a majority interest, control and more of the profits. For groups that want to take more money off the table, there is strong competition to buy majority interests as well. Because of the growing number of companies it has become increasingly difficult for physicians to make a short list of the best 3-4 companies for them to solicit. ASCs Inc. will help you select the best companies for you to partner with and, through our valuation and competitive bidding process, will help you get the highest price. Our clients typically enjoy ASC values that are significantly higher than their peers.

High, stable prices

Competition for good quality centers with growth potential has kept offering prices high. Multiples for majority interests have been in the 7-8 times EBITDA (less debt, plus cash) range and higher in CON states. For minority interests we are seeing offers in the 4-5 times EBITDA range for centers with significant cash flow and good growth opportunities. The leading companies have capital to invest (some with credit lines of $200 million or more) and, while stricter credit requirements have made buyers more selective, they remain very interested in high quality centers. The way to maximize the value of your ASC is to demonstrate that the current business is sustainable and that there are real growth opportunities that require corporate partner expertise, such as improving payor contract terms, recruiting new users, volume purchasing power, improving billing and collections, and adding ancillary services.

Incentives to sell

how to sell an asc, benefits of selling asc, perks to selling a surgery centerCapital gains and income taxes are anticipated to rise in future years. This, along with the uncertain future market for ASCs, provides a strong incentive to seek the sale of interests in ASCs, especially for those owners nearing retirement and/or seeking an exit strategy. The possibility of adverse legislation that could prohibit or restrict physician referrals to physician-owned ASCs, which could significantly reduce the value of all ASCs, is also a factor.

Real estate sales

Many physicians who own their medical office building/ASC real estate are interested in selling their real estate as well as their ASC. We have advised and assisted clients in obtaining very attractive sale/leaseback transactions with medical real estate investment trusts and private equity firms. These sales are usually done following the partial sale of the ASC to a corporate partner, albeit to completely different buyer. To maximize the value of the real estate it is important to make sure that your current lease includes terms that are attractive to the potential buyers.

The Time To Sell Is Now

You can take advantage of the current advantageous environment for selling a portion of your center. The market for ASCs & ECs will change; it is only a matter of when. ASCs Inc. has assisted in development, merger, valuation and acquisition transactions for over 500 physician-owned ASCs, endoscopy centers and surgical hospitals since 1984. If you would like to discuss your situation and goals in complete confidence please call Jon Vick, President of ASCs Inc. at 760.751.0250 or by e-mail at We are looking forward to discussing how ASCs Inc. can assist you in achieving your goals.

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